Soft Landing

Internationalization is one of the most challenging operation of an SME. It is exactly like launching a new company: you must understand a new market, a new regulation, new risks, etc. 
With our network of incubators across the Arab world, we have the capacity to help your start-up to get ready for such a challenge. If you want to get into a new market, you are at the right place.

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For Start-ups

You want to enter a new market. Contact us, and we will help you to build the network needed for such an operation.

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For Incubators

You want to be part of an international network to help your young start-ups to become multinational companies, join AIEN and be part of the network.

You will also have the possibility to host the internationalization of start-ups from other countries that want to expand their activities to your country.

The Network - Why join us?

Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey, let us change that for you.

We can support you through the following methods:

  • Internationalization (link to the soft-landing platform)
  • Networking (link to the networking events)
  • Training courses (link to the trainings)

Looking to build partnerships to expand outside your country’s borders? You are at the right place.


Universities are building the future in their laboratories. Let us find the right way to go from your innovative idea to a product that can reach its public.

You are representing:

  • Investors
  • Coaches
  • Banks, Business angels 
  • Government institutions
  • Or, another institution active in entrepreneurship 

We would be happy to hear about you. 

Start-ups could not do it without you. Join our international network to maximise your impact.


How Does it Work?


Preparation in the home country

Before even wanting to land in another country, you must ensure a safe take-off from your own country. We will help you with trainings, market analysis and finding the right partners on the destination country.

We will assist you to determine if you are ready for such an experience. Not every start-up is ready for an international launch, and even if you are, we must ensure you can afford it.


Landing in the Target Country

Once you are ready, we will help you to land softly in the target country. We will provide you logistics and specialised support and open our network depending on your needs.

Our network is composed of incubators, start-ups, universities, official institutions, etc.


Call for participation


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